The Paranormal Christian

The Paranormal Christian

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Can a Christian be possessed? Do God’s angels and Satan’s demons dwell unseen among us, engaged in spiritual warfare? Are ghosts and spirit manifestations real? How about aliens and UFOs?

If you believe in the Bible, you already have faith in the unseen. Unusual experiences are a testimony of sacred Scripture and the gateway to understanding the power of God in your life. Just like in biblical times, mysterious forces are still at work today. The paranormal world isn’t merely scary hauntings and occult legends.

In The Paranormal Christian, journalist Richard D. Lewis explores his own true spiritual journey and real stories of others to correlate supernatural phenomena and the biblical worldview—without compromising either.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • How to trust your intuition and consciously tune into The Voice every day.
  • A mystical examination of the Bible and the history of paranormal and psychic phenomena and prophecy within Christianity.
  • A guide to discerning between the presence of positive and negative entities.
  • True stories of hauntings, spiritual healing and miracles performed by the Holy Spirit.
  • How to protect yourself against the horror of The Swarming – even in your most vulnerable state.

You can believe in the Holy Bible as the word of God orchestrated by divine intention and trust the wisdom of the supernatural worldview of the Bible writers and the fact that the mystical never left us. It’s time to bring paranormal back into the light where it belongs. If you are searching out real answers for the Church, you will find them here.

"This book does a good job of presenting paranormal possibilities to a very conservative religious audience."

– Kevin J. Todeschi, Executive Director & CEO, Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.

"The Paranormal Christian talks about these things and explores many other possibilities that can…and may exist. This book is a fascinating read."

– Lare

"An enlightening exploration of two worlds - Christianity and the paranormal - that are often thought of as being mutually exclusive. The author makes the trenchant argument that they are really two facets of one reality"

– Hamilton Underwood

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